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We implement our programs using action oriented research and documentation for evidence based policy advocacy. At HAKI MSINGI we believe that each programme we implement, accords us cumulative knowledge and experience accrued through constant interaction and collaboration with communities and their institutions, enabling us to identify gaps and challenges in policy implementation or lack of it, thereby putting HAKI MSINGI in a strategic position not only to communicate but also influence policy through proper and systematic engagement with duty bearers. In doing so, we use evidence based advocacy to put our case for enactment, repeal of pro-poor laws and policies. We do this to fulfill the following broad objectives:

  • To promote the formulation of policies, laws and institutions that empowers communities to manage their own development agenda.
  • To promote the implementation of policies and the enforcement of laws that enables resource dependent communities to effectively participate in the management of natural resources and social and economic development.
  • To build the capacity of communities and their institutions for effective participation in policy, legislative and institutional processes for sustainable environmental, natural resource and social-economic development.