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Increasing Income, food and climate solutions for WOMEN small-holder farmers. HAKI MSINGI aims to consistently deliver high-quality results in agricultural projects by innovating, identifying and scaling-up solutions, capacity building, value addition chain and advocacy.

HAKI MSINGI has three overall objectives for its agriculture programme sector:

  • To enhance capacity and increase income and employment for women smallholder farmers.
  • To improve food security for poor and vulnerable groups
  • To strengthen the environmental sustainability of agricultural production and meet the challenges of climate change.

Agriculture not only addresses the basic needs of the global population – food and nutrition security; it also offers essential commodities, environmental services and social goods that facilitate economic development, industrialization and diversification. Yet agriculture also accounts for a significant percentage of water use and greenhouse gas emissions; it contributes to, and is threatened by, environmental degradation and further increasingly impacted by climate change.

HAKI MSINGI has five value chain development programmes: Poultry, Horticulture, Sorghum, Beans, Bio-char and Apiculture. We are also working in several other value chains through the women smallholders’ capacity building, School young famer’s club, Youth farming agro-business entrepreneurs, and Community table banking programme.