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From 2003, the government of Kenya and its partners invested heavily in the WASH Programme, but despite the increase in funding, serious challenges still strangulate the water sector as seen in the 13 million Kenyans or 32.5 per cent of the entire population who lack access to improved water supply while 47.5 per cent of the populace is denied access to improved sanitation.

HAKI MSINGI seeks to implement a community empowerment programme in partnership with five county local governments and other development partners including regional water service boards and water resources management authorities, sub-catchment area water resource users associations, and water service providers in all secondary town and rural areas. The programme aims at improving the health and livelihoods of women, primary school children, and households through interventions in access to clean water, sanitation & hygiene, reproductive health awareness and promotes women & girl entrepreneurial empowerment in that sector.